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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Activity #2 - The 3 Branches of Government

Younger students:


Read about the 3 branches of gov't from this site, emphasizing that the executive branch is the branch which is led by the President.

Older Students:

Find the answers to these questions. Below are hints.


Our founding (1) designed our (2) with three main branches. This was to protect the (3) from a/an (4) leader. The three branches form a system of checks and (5).

THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH includes the office of (6). This branch (7) the judicial and legislative branches and has (8) power.

THE JUDICIAL BRANCH is responsible for upholding the (9), which was (10) by our founding fathers. The Judicial Branch includes a Supreme (11), which rules on (12) issues.

THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH is divided into two (13) - the Congress and the Senate. Together they regulate which (14) are passed into (15). This branch , however, can be vetoed by the (16).

(1) Plural noun
(2) Noun
(3) Plural noun
(4) Adjective
(5) Plural noun
(6) Occupation
(7) Verb ending in "s"
(8) Verb
(9) Noun
(10) Verb (past tense)
(11) Noun
(12) Adjective
(13) Plural noun
(14) Plural noun
(15) Plural noun
(16) Occupation

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